“Desert Song” is an enriched version of previously self-published “Truth Seekers” introducing Matt Slater as the protagonist and his trilogy. He is passionately and completely confident in his ability and certain of his destiny. He is aware of his identity of who and what he is and he never needs to wear a mask or pretend to be someone he is not. He thrives on dangers, lives life to full and loves to live on edge for he is the new generation FBI agent surviving and succeeding in a crime-ridden world.

In broad daylight, on a highway in Saudi Arabia, a young American couple is brutally murdered and their two-year old son abducted. Matt Slater, an FBI counter terrorism specialist is sent to Saudi Arabia to solve the murder and to recover the two-year old abducted son.

Matt feels helpless in a bureaucratic Arabian world and finds him being toyed with by the murderer who strikes again and this time in Abu Dhabi and kills another young American couple and abducts their four-year old daughter. Walking the dangerous maze of lies and deceit of Arabian justice system he uncovers a sinister scheme of Al Qaeda preparing to kill tens of thousands of American. Would he have enough time to save the abducted children and stop Al Qaeda in joining forces with Iraq in launching their murderous campaign?